Thursday, February 3, 2011

So How's the Weather?

Yes, I have something against snow. It's called SLUSH. Most people in New York don't own cars. Which means we walk a lot. And since December, I've been walking through slush. Brown, gloopy slush that isn't just water and ice. (I'll leave the list of ingredients to your imagination. Think of the most disgusting stuff on earth. Yeah, it's all in there.)

You guys in the midwest will be experiencing it soon. (If you aren't already.) But for now, let's just appreciate the pristine Chicago snow captured on camera by blog reader Rachel. Isn't it lovely? Click here to see what it will look like in 24 hours.

UPDATE: Thanks to ATF for this fabulous SNOW SQUIRREL!


Rachel said...

Dear Kirsten,
I really appreciate you posting my picture. Thanks so much! It looks great! For school we got a half day on Tuesday, school cancelled on Wednesday and school cancelled on Thursday! It was like a gift from God.
Rachel :)

Kitty said...

And I thought NJ was bad D: At least our snow is just blocks of ice.. I'd hate to waddle through brown icky slush...

Btw Kirsten, is the reason for Anaka's love for giant squids because the classic slang for nerds and geeks is squid [considering she likes history and reading that much]? [no offence.. I'm actually a nerd myself so lol XD]

L said...

It has snowed a lot in Ohio too. I can't complain though. Snow days are amazing. I'm so excited because my computer is finally letting me post. :)

Ariana said...

Chicago did get hit pretty bad. Most schools got two snowdays in a row! =)

EQ said...

Ours melted and refroze, coating the city in glass still disguised as innocent white fluff.

@ Kitty: Writing from a household where "geek" is among the highest compliments, I cheer.

Anonymous said...

Rubber boots for slush. Rubber boots with steel or tungsten carbide spikes for frozen slush. Warning -- the use Tungsten carbide to make anti-tank shot. Spikes made from it can wreck a regular floor.

Alas: Most rubber boots aren't very stylish. Overshoes and overboots help but they have their own awkwardness -- and they can be just as sweaty as "Sitka sneakers."

Robert in San Diego via cell phone.