Saturday, February 12, 2011

On the Road!

I gotta say, this tour has been a lot of fun. My fellow authors are extremely entertaining. And I can't WAIT to read Beth Revis's book Across the Universe. She calls it a murder mystery in space, and that's EXACTLY what I've been looking for. Unfortunately, I have a ton of work to finish before I read anything.

I want to send a big thanks to a few people . . .

Kai, I can't tell you how great it was to finally meet you after all this time!

Rachel, you have the coolest grandma in the world. And so chic! Hope you like the books!

Minneapolis girl with the cool hat (sorry, I was soo tired and forgot your name), you are exactly the kinda girl I had in mind when I imagined the Irregulars.

And last, but not least, Narrator. I am so touched and thrilled that you came to see me (while rocking the greatest shirt of all time). Thank you for the entertainment. It will come in handy on my loooong flight tomorrow morning!

For those of you interested in the RALEIGH stop on the tour, it will be 7 pm on FEB. 25th at Quail Ridge Books and Music!

On Monday, I'm gonna figure out a way to give out the signed posters, so stay tuned!


Ari the Awesome said...

A murder mystery in space? Cool! I'm going to ask my parents to go to the bookstore asap. I'm excited for Monday! I really want a poster...

Anonymous said...

Hello Ari!

I like good double genre fiction mixes myself. Not necessarily in space, but Isaac Asimov put some real hard boiled detective stuff in the "hard SF" story with Caves of Steel and its sequels. David Brin's Sundiver is also a science fiction mystery, set in space, but it's early Brin, so the hero is so incredibly heroic it makes my teeth grit. It's only later that Brin got the normal person in abnormal situations doing extraordinary things mix down.

A really unsettling mix of horror and mystery is Stanslaw Lem's The Investigation. Warning: It's "early Lem," so it's a slow-moving book.

Robert in San Diego

Rachel said...

I am sooo excited for Monday too. I really want a poster. My grandma told me all about here visit to the bookstore where you were at. I am soooo excited for the books. I can't wait!

Toodles*** said...

Yay! I can't wait to find out how you'll give the posters out. Please, pretty please, make it something that required skill or thought. I'll understand if you do one of those 1st comments things though, it would be quicker to get them out. But it's kind of hard for us in different countries to get on around the same time you do alot of the time, because of the time difference.

My suggestions a contest. One where you have to prove that you're a true Irregular.

And Across the Universe sounds so cool!!! I really want to read it.

Have fun on the rest of your tour, Kirsten. And have fun Irregulars who are going!


I'm very glad you came to Utah!!! It was great meeting you and getting my book signed!!! Come back again!!!

The Narrator said...

It was so awesome to meet you! I hope you enjoy the story. I always feel it best to be prepared for possible flight delays, so I try to write something for people who I know are travelling. It's a small thing, but I like to think it helps.

And I will be holding you to that advance copy. xD

Elizabeth said...

I really want to read that book. Especially when the title reminds me of the Beatles. Haha. :)

WIgirl said...

Come visit milwaukee!

Kai said...

Hi Kirsten!

It was so awesome to meet you. I was freaking out afterward. My friend Altana, the one you signed the autograph to, screamed for like, ten minutes when I gave it to her
Thanks so much!