Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Breathless Books Tour Starts TOMORROW!

The tour kicks off tomorrow night at 6PM right here in NYC! So stop by Books of Wonder at 18 W. 18th Street to see me and my four fabulous fellow authors:

Ally Condie (Matched)
Andrea Cremer (Nightshade)
Brenna Yovanoff (The Replacement)
Beth Revis (Across the Universe)

After we finish signing books, we will be setting out into the night to fight the forces of evil.

Here's the rest of the tour schedule!

Also, I have ten tour posters signed by all five authors! I gotta figure out how I'm going to give them away, but it's a pretty amazing prize. I might just keep one for myself. MORE LATER!


Rachel said...


MushroomCloud said...

i haven't read any of those books. if they're about vampires, werewolves or teenage angst, well thats why! I prefer books that will improve-especially thought provoking ones. But thats me for you... but i do like ones with interesting concepts as well. :)

MushroomCloud said...

upon further research, they are sci-fi, changeling and horror stories. I haven't read any new books in so long. Schools with no libraries are a great trial-especially when your'e coming from a school with a massive book selection. thats the worst part of private schools. Is it odd that this is depressing to me? Especially since i used to read at least a book a week, usually more

Kirsten Miller said...

MC: only one of the books features supernatural creatures. And they're all very thought-provoking. I promise!

Anonymous said...

Aww, no CA visits. :(
Oh well. . . .Have fun!

Kitty said...

I wanna go soo badly ;A;

Ari the Awesome said...

I really want a poster! Also, I really wish I could go see you and some of the other authors. -sigh- Unfortuanately, I can't. Have fun on your tour!

Eliz said...

Ahh! Skipping California for now. Hope you visit at some point. Make it Northern California. ;)
And wow! I should totally read some of those books. I just got back from an author talk with Suzanne Selfors. It was fun.

Karen said...

I'm with you Eliz, go to Northern California! Oooh I want a poster so much.....

Toodles*** said...

:'( I want to go so badly to meet you and some of the other authors (especially Ally Condie). But sadly, it's simply to far away. Any chance you'll be visiting Sydney any time soon?

And will you give the posters away on your tour, or off your blog? (***PLEASE SAY OFF YOUR BLOG, PLEASE SAY OFF YOU BLOG!***) I am so excited!!!

Ooh!!! You should make it a contest! Not one of those 1st 5 comments contests, but one that takes skill. One where you need to be able to prove that you're a true Irregular.

Just a thought.

Toodles*** said...

Oh yeah, and most importantly, have fun Kirsten!

Anonymous said...

Hello MushroomCloud:

If you don't mind old books, you can always mine Project Gutenberg (or Google Books) for improving texts to read. If your school doesn't have a library, or a "resource room" (yeah, they get called that sometimes nowadays), do you have an available local library system? Even if it's a small library, it may be part of a much larger system with extensive holdings.

Under their "Bookclub" tab at the top of the page, the folks at the webcomic "Unshelved" have quite a stockpile of books they've reviewed, including one I suggested. In fact, they're where I first learned about Kiki Strike!

I do have a a predisposition for old stuff, so if you need something to occupy yourself between Kiki Strike releases (hurry Kirsten, HURRY!) I can recommend some of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original "Sherlock Holmes" stories. Back when he wrote them he was a feature, and rapidly the headliner, for the Strand magazine, the most prestigious (and apparently the best paying) general entertainment and information monthly of its day. Nowadays, the original Sherlock Holmes stories are often considered suitable for juvenile and "young adult" readers. I wish I knew what "they" were really thinking, what with the murderous cleaver attack in the "Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb" and the horrific deaths in "The Adventure of the Speckled Band."

If you don't like short stores, The Hound of the Baskervilles is a little rough on the poor dogs but a fun read. If you don't mind deadly trackless swamps.

I recently came across a collection of short stories by Lord Dunsany. They were mostly fantasy, but singularly low on the vampire/werewolf quotient. Instead of going for the latest literary fad, Dunsany's objective was to use fantasy to illustrate reality. His spare, plain prose makes me question whether I really know how to put a sentence together every time I reread "The Sword of Welleran." I don't experience that sort of doubt when I read Doyle.

Robert in San Diego

Anonymous said...

Dear MushroomCloud:
1. One of my roommates "lurks" here, and just castigated me for the "Sherlock Holmes" suggestion. These stories are completely unsuitable for "young adult" readers because one of them features trigonometry. How horrid!
2. It was also pointed out, forcibly, that my previous posting was longer than perhaps one story in the Lord Dunsany collection Fifty-One Tales. The link goes to the Project Gutenberg download page for the collection. Kirsten, these make quick air/train travel reading, if you're not writing!

Robert the castigated in San Diego

Anonymous said...

What about DC? America's capital? With Union Statin, all those musems, even the spy musem, and the Washington Mounument. It's such a cool city, and close enough that I could go there. Pretty please? Plus, no ofense, but compared to New York, I heard our metro is way nicer.

Anonymous said...

If you visit CA. . .what part would you visit? (Personally, I'd prefer the central coast, but that's just me.)
So, how's it going so far?

Ari the Awesome said...

I agree with Toodles*** You should have a contest to decide who gets the posters.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I need to know when the raleigh time is. HOPE TO SEE YOU!

Some Lost Melody said...

See how many Californians there are :O You should take a detour before you go home (; haha

Anonymous said...

I am so looking forward to the Denver leg of this. If someone asks you whether you prefer a teenage serial killer be male or female at the Tattered Cover appearance, that's me.

Just a heads up. xD

Anonymous said...

"If Kirsten and the rest of the Breathless Books Tour were to visit California"

The Central Coast area is nice -- and has some amazing bookstores. Access would be a bit of a problem though -- the show's spending only one day per city, so they have to get in, meet their readers, get out and be in another city the next day. I KNOW they'd all have a great time at either Bookstore Santa Cruz or slightly to the north at Hicklebee's in San Jose. San Jose would be easier for transport, as they'd be all of ten miles from the airport.

I'd love to see them in San Diego's Mysterious Galaxy bookstore, or Warwick's (where on signing breaks the authors can stroll to see the sleeping harbor seals of the former "Children's Cove").

North of where I am now, let's give a shout-out to the folks at that bookstore in Pasadena whose name I forgot but who had EVERYTHING. I mean EVERYTHING -- it's the only place I've seen copies of "Myer's Opening Bulletin" that weren't in the secret hoards of desperate chess players.

I'm sure there are bookstores all along the San Francisco Peninsula, from Sunnyvale all the way up to San Mateo, that would love to host five authors in one go.

To get every deserving pocket of readers along the coast (sorry folks in Tuolumne and Merced!) without easy transportation from one point to another, the Breathless Books Tour would have to take the train. Or get a tour bus.

Extra credit if you can pronounce Tuolumne.

Bonus Note: However Kirsten wants to distribute the all-authors-signed posters, I'm out of the hunt. Really. I've already got enough posters I don't have all space for, and the Eddy Merkx in the Brooklyn Chewing Gum jersey poster isn't coming down.

Robert in San Diego

Anonymous said...

BTW, I'm looking forward to reports on the bookstore and library appearances from those who are/were/will be there. Thanks in advance!

Robert, still in San Diego

Elizabeth said...

Yes! So many Californians! See what that means? ;)

Anonymous said...

Kirste, you could give away the posters in a contest! Not one of those 1st comment contests, but one that takes skill. One where you need to be able to prove that you're a true Irregular.

Just a thought.

Toodles*** said...

Oops i think i just published a comment with out a name. Well, that was me. Toodles***.

EQ said...

Re: the contest idea...Yes!

@Robert: I may have transplanted, but I remember Hicklebee's is very accomodating to authors, beautiful little store, great selection. I got my Kiki books there.

Art contest, obscure wierd trivia contest, treasure hunt through the books? Or one of those codes where you pick a particular book and encode the message by page #, paragraph, line # and what # word!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, yeah, Hicklebee's in San Jose is a great little store!! I saw Suzanne collins there back in November. (My cousin is so lucky she lives within walking distance of Hicklebee's.)
But yeah. . . .So, today was the Denver visit? How did it go?
Also, did anyone else hear about the old lady who foiled a robbery by clobbering the would-be thieves with her handbag? The video footage was truly awesome.

Anonymous said...

For the Poster seekers: How about a story writing contest where each person suggests elements that some other person has to incorporate in their story? Since I tend to suggest stuff for "Iron Hack" contests that range from "fungicidal maniac" to "pre-distressed leather shoelace," I would definitely be barred from entry before it even begins.

Would love to hear what sort of word games the authors are playing during the tour. Or card games. Or other games.

Robert in San Diego, feeling game deprived, about to lead a bike ride to see an air parade.