Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gotta Run and Grab My Checkbook Now

I love the works in artist Scott Bain's Micromachina exhibit. (Though I doubt they're in my price range.) I do own a wonderful, somewhat similar piece by another artist. It's a (real) beetle riding a red tricycle. It makes me unbelievably happy every time I look at it. But as you all know by now, I'm a little odd.


montana irregulars said...

well, beetles creep me out, but those are sweet

Lucy said...

Omg I want a Beetle on a trike !!!!!

Maka Albarn said...

Those are amazing!

EQ said...


I want one!

Actually, they remind me a little of "The Dreamwalker's Child". Cool book, even if it got a little wierd in the 2nd bk with all the destiny stuff. (Ah, no matter. It's the bugplanes we loved anyway.)

Actually, I think you would like it, Kirsten. It's by one Steven Voake and the 2nd book is called "The Web of Fire".