Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why Fix What Isn't Broken?

(Above: Pac-Man Skeleton by Le Gentil Garcon)

Well I'm thrilled to see that only one person (so far) has been sickened by the new blog format. That's what I call progress--my other creative endeavors have sickened hundreds, if not thousands! Kidding (hopefully).

So why did I decide to change things? Here's a list of my reasons:

1. Ananka's Diary (the Kiki Strike blog) used a five-year-old template that wouldn't allow me to do some very cool things.

2. I write two different book series. Until now, that meant two different blogs. Which meant A LOT of work. Which was preventing me from doing my day job--writing books. So I needed to simplify my life. Going forward, there will be one blog. MY blog.

3. You probably know by now that I'm a little strange. I also happen to be a world-class neat freak. Clutter disturbs me. (And I mean disturbs in every sense of the word.) My weirdness can only flourish in the right environment. I think this neat, clean template may allow me to reach levels of eccentricity that I've rarely achieved in the past. (Yeah, it's gonna be GOOD.)

So here's what you'll be getting from the Bank St. Irregular blog . . . The same weird and wonderful stuff you've been getting from Ananka's Diary since 2006. Plus book reviews, author visits, tour information, and a whole lot more. (I've already added some super cool stuff from the Eternal Ones blog, so take a look around!)

At the top of the blog, you'll find "Who Are You?" parts one through four. This was a "game" I played on the Eternal Ones blog. Volunteers sent in pictures, and I told them who they were in their previous lives. (The Eternal Ones is about reincarnation.) It was a lot of fun (for me, at least). But as you'll see, I ended up writing enough to fill a book. (OK, half a book.) That's why the game must come to an end. However, I think you'll enjoy reading all the entries. They'll certainly keep you busy!

And finally, one quick note about content. I am very proud of the fact that Ananka's Diary could be enjoyed by people of all ages. (And it was.) This blog will continue that tradition. While the The Eternal Ones series is not recommended for readers under the age of 13, I will not post anything on this blog that isn't suitable for everyone.

So that's it! Hope you enjoy the Bank St. Irregular blog!



evenescence2196 said...

I'm liking it:D

Rachel Cantor said...

I like the blog! I can't wait until Darkness Dwellers! BEST MOVIE EVER!!!

Mari said...

i really like the new blog and the way it's organized!
added you on twitter, now start using it! haha

Kartoffel said...

Is there a system in the order of "Who was I?"

Kirsten Miller said...

Nope. I had to import all the posts one at a time, so I just mixed them up a bit. There are a few I haven't added 'cause they're a little mature. (May edit them for this audience.) And a few I probably missed.

Patricia/Patsee said...

I did like the color scheme of the old blog, but that's because it was more Kiki-esque, and while I enjoyed Eternal Ones, I still adore Kiki Strike 3-4 years after first reading it. =]

Also, may I offer a quick opinion? I'd spell out "Street" in the blog title. The first thing I think when I see it is "Bank Saint Irregular," which doesn't quite have the same connotation. =] But that's just my opinion.

Toodles*** said...

Wow, this is really cool! But does this mean I should still visit the Kiki Strike or the Eternal Ones blogs?

Well done, Kirsten!

Erin said...

Love the new look! I'm so happy I can keep up with you in one convinient, neat place (I hate clutter, too)! But I'm so sad I will not be able to know who I was! :(

Micci said...

At first, I was like, "No! The Black! It's perfect! Don't leave it!" And then I came here and got over it. I think it's all good as long as you don't leave the internet forever or anything.

Amanda said...

I like it alot but the white killed my eyes. :/ It was so bright! I was like AHHHHHH MY EYES!!!!!!!! ^.^

Zelia said...

I confess I belong to the sentimental attachment to the black template club. It was a pain to read some times (laptop + open sunny window...) but it had this aura of kiki, you know? I will still need a couple of days to get used to this one. XD

I do have a question about the name though. You know english is not my first language and I have never seen the word "bank" meaning anything else than a place we go and save money and all that. Enlightening, please?

Oh, and I must say I loved the who was I thing. I thought about sending a pic but never really decided if I should. Now it's too late. haha (I started reading the eternal ones on that post about the girl in coma who started speaking german or something.) ^^

Anonymous said...

St. Irregular: Patronness of tailors, seamstresses, merchandisers, liquidation stores and surplus stores. According to legend, was born in Bari, Italy, in the third century. She was martyred during the persecutions under Emperor Diocletian, who wasn't satisfied with the hemline on a new toga.

OK, I'm apologizing in advance if anyone is offended by the irreverent imitation hagiography. That said, some of the "known" saints, especially the "pre-Congregation" ones, have very spotty provenances.

Robert in San Diego -- also known as St. James!

Anonymous said...

Dear Zelia:
Hi! Here's some on line dictionary bank stuff.

Definition of BANK
: a mound, pile, or ridge raised above the surrounding level: as a : a piled-up mass of cloud or fog b : an undersea elevation rising especially from the continental shelf
: the rising ground bordering a lake, river, or sea or forming the edge of a cut or hollow
a : a steep slope (as of a hill) b : the lateral inward tilt of a surface along a curve or of a vehicle (as an airplane) when turning
: a protective or cushioning rim or piece
Origin of BANK
Middle English, probably of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse bakki bank; akin to Old English benc bench

Funny, the use of "Bank" as a financial institution isn't in that online dictionary.

Robert in San Diego

Isobel said...

i really like it. i liked the set out on anaka's diary, but this one's easier to read. :)

Zelia said...


Thank you. :) I really enjoyed learning new definitions for bank. And yes, it is funny the financial definition isn't there but hey, that one I already knew, right? ^^

On another note I think I might have elucidated the blog name thing. If St stands for street and not saint, Bank street irregular could be a take on Baker street irregular... It took me quite a while to come up with this. I think I'll lose my Irregular badge...

Kirsten Miller said...

Zelia: It does refer to a street, not a saint. Bank Street is one of my favorite streets in Greenwich Village. And it is a nod to the Baker St. Irregulars--one of my all-time favorite kid gangs, which sadly did not boast any female members.

MushroomCloud said...

yeah! im the only one who was sickened! :) black uses less energy than white... but i wll survive and move on to more pressing matters. like midterms and harry potter fan fics. :) not that i have anything against kiki strike ones- there just aren't many.

MushroomCloud said...

on second thought i am a bit of a neat freak too, so i do like the new format

Zoie said...

I liked the black better and I guess I am kind of sickened ,but change is good some times

Zoie said...

Are you writing more Kiki books my friend told me you were making one staring each Irregular

Anonymous said...


Emochica said...

W-w-why isn't it black? My first thought was AUGGHH it burns *hiss hiss* but I like it. Gotta right?

Irregular Kiki said...

"My weirdness can only flourish in the right environment."
I love this sentence! xD

Anonymous said...

Miller- I've always liked your blogs. How do you get people to join at first?