Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Snakes on the Brain

(Above: Awesome statue of Dacian king Decebal.)

Here's what I learned from this article in National Geographic:

1. Two thousand years ago, at the height of the Roman Empire, a rich and mysterious people called the Dracians populated the land now known as Transylvania.

2. We know very little about them. Except this: They liked snakes. A lot.

3. Authorities recently recovered a cache of priceless Dracian gold bracelets (below) that had been looted from an archaeological site. All of the bracelets were shaped like snakes.

(I've been thinking quite a bit about snakes lately. Why? Just glance to your right.)


Toodles*** said...

I want one of those bracelets.

Do you know where it's being kept?

He. He. Heee.


Defy Dance said...

Hmm, I didn't know Dr. Frank-N-Furter liked snakes!

Anonymous said...

Kiki Strike + Snakes....
= THE THIRD BOOK?!(?!) Mwehehe, am I right or am I right?
The rings awesome. Something to wear with the eye-ball earrings. (Or whatever people want to call them.)

Anonymous said...

Or was it the Eternal ones? With the snake.

Anonymous said...

There was an Ouroboros ring in Kitty Foyle, a 1940 movie starring Ginger Rogers. She won an Academy Award for that role.

The Worm Ouroboros by E.R. Eddison is one of the difficult and, ultimately, unrewarding books I've read. Eddison was pals with J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. I wish they'd taught him to use fewer weird words.

My number one noisy scream of 2010 came when I looked down and saw I was sharing a bike lane with a rattlesnake. YIKES!

Robert in San Diego

Serena loi said...

something to the do with the eternal ones sequel ?

Daniel said...

Oh my God! I glanced over to my right and there was a giant snake in my living room! You saved my life! How did you know?

EQ said...


I love some kinds--the ones that manage to be cute and scare the socks off Certain Relations Of Mine at the same time. (Ha!)

Other kinds--actually anything with a poisonous bite--scare me more than I like to admit.

What do you guys think of them?

What else is known about these ancient snake-lovers from the land of everyone's favorite Count? Any mysterious legends?