Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Well Hello There

It's been a while, hasn't it? Some (but probably not all) of you may be wondering what I've been up to for the past few weeks. Well here's a little list (‘cause you know how much I love lists):

1. I've been working on Kiki 3, The Darkness Dwellers. It's almost finished. Every day I receive emails asking WHEN IS IT GOING TO BE OUT?!?!? I must admit that I don't know the release date yet, but I will post it on this blog THE SECOND I find out what it will be!

2. I finished the sequel to The Eternal Ones, which will (almost certainly) be called All You Desire. Right now, it's looking like it might be on shelves in August, but once again, I will post the release date when I have it.

3. I read the Hunger Games trilogy. I only intended to read the first book, but I devoured the entire series in four days. I thought it was amazing (and I hear I'm not alone).

4. I watched True Grit. I've always steered clear of westerns—whether movies or books—so I wasn't aware that the hero of True Grit is a fourteen-year-old girl. Smart, savvy, and a good shot, Mattie Ross is everything a girl should be. In fact, she reminded me of Luz Lopez (one of my seven favorite Irregulars). The movie is quite violent, (though The Hunger Games makes it look like Mary Poppins). If you're cool with blood and guts, I think you might enjoy it.

5. I’ve been contemplating some improvements to my blogs. (Yes, I have more than one. That’s the problem.) Over the next couple of weeks, you’ll start to see a few changes. Don’t worry, though. I’ll keep posting about all the weird and wonderful subjects that have captured my imagination. (And I’ll be posting MORE OFTEN than I have in the recent past.) But the blog’s name might change, and there will be more ways to access it. I’ll also be on Twitter, so you can follow me there (or on Facebook) if you prefer.

BTW, I have a new name in mind for the blog. But if any of you have a suggestion, feel free to post it in the comments!

So that’s about it. The next time I disappear for a few weeks, this is where I’ll be.

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Frozen Fashion said...

yes we have to smart with our resources to protect our creative talents.

I did love the black background. It made me feel like I was escaping to a worlds of make believe.

Look forward to the fresh and new!


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