Sunday, February 24, 2013

Yes, My Book Was "Compromised." No, This Is Not a Hoax

My latest book, How to Lead a Life of Crime, came out on Thursday (2/21). It is, in my opinion, the best thing I’ve ever written. I put two years of my life—and every ounce of my energy—into the novel.

So imagine my horror, when I realized errors had been introduced to the hardcover edition by someone other than myself. They aren’t little errors, either. (See my post below for more information.)

Despite the damage, I'm still extremely proud of How to Lead a Life of Crime. And reviewers—readers, bloggers, and the professional press—seem to agree that it's a darn good read.

Here are a just a few . . .

Forever YA (Warning: This review is R rated—and absolutely hilarious.)
Miss Literati
RT Book Reviews
Books With Bite

There are plenty of other reviews out there at this point. (Including great reviews from Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, Booklist, and Voya.) I'll be posting them here as I find them.

I'm not going to let this get me down. (Though I did spend a few days licking my wounds.) But How to Lead a Life of Crime is all about survival. And its heroes have much bigger problems to face than a "compromised" book. So I'm going to forge ahead. (And kick a little butt if I get the chance.)

After my unpleasant discovery, a good friend of mine joked, “you say compromised, I say collector’s edition.” (But then again, you’d expect that kind of optimism from someone named Sunny.) It's totally nuts, but in order to save what's left of my sanity, that's how I'm going to refer to the hardcover edition from now on.

I have ten copies of the "collector's edition" of How to Lead a Life of Crime sitting in my office. Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to give them all away.


Jen Witch said...

I'm excited to read the book even if it's compromised

Jen Witch said...

I'm excited to read the book even if it's compromised

sillygirl711 said...

Oh dear. Who( and why) would someone do that?! How dirty. Just mean. I am so sorry!

Pickles Picasso said...

Looking on the bright side! Collectors edition. *chuckles*

It'll be fixed eventually. I'm sure of it.
And those evil people who did it will get their butts kicked like Kiki kicked Livia.

(*hopes that I win*)

Alice the Elf said...

I'm sorry. perhaps you were giving just a little to much insight, an its their way of contacting you. That really is horrible though. Will they be doing a reprint? You can just use it as a 'look! my book was SO kick-butt, they had to get rid of it'--like top secret CIA material. I can't wait to read it though! and my copy of darkness dwellers just got to the library, all the bookstores were sold out. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Kirsten:

Let me get this straight in my mind. You've a three book series about delinquent girlscouts righting wrongs and undoing evil in unexpected ways and from unexpected places. You've a two book series about a young couple facing down a generations-old worldwide conspiracy, triumphing against incredible rage and jealousy. You write a book about a school training the best of the best to be professional criminals and someone decides to muck about with the printed text??

I imagine the miscreants are going to be sorry they tried that -- if only because your publisher's information technology people might be a wee bit upset about this state of affairs.

Robert in San Diego

Rachel said...

Dear Kirsten,
I am sad to hear that your book is compromised, but it will not stop me from reading the book! In fact, I am in the middle of it right now, and it's fantastic! You should be very proud of the work you have accomplished. It truly is a masterpiece!


Stephanie Sinclair said...

So sorry your book was compromised! How horrible. I'm reading your book now and I absolutely love it!

I had no idea Mandel was based off a real school? Which one?

Anonymous said...

Is this why you haven't been posting? I mean, as of now?

42 said...

Jokes on them when the "Collector's Edition" sells for 2k on eBay and is submitted into the supreme court as a prime example of unlawful censorship. The guilty party will forever be labeled with the humiliating infamy of damaging your book. *nods*

Selene said...

I have a suuuuper big question
i just got how to lead a life of crime
in the end it says "addendum" and something about a journalist that is now missing.... is this all real???
plus it has the mandel catalog
is it compromised??

EQ said...

@Robert: Oh, I hadn't thought of that. *Never* mess with the IT guys (and gals)...they tend to have the most interesting sorts of vengeance.

Kirsten: Condolences and cheers for the old & new versions respectively.