Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Princes in the Tower and the King Under the Car Park

If you've read The Darkness Dwellers, you may have spotted a reference to the two boys known as the "Princes in the Tower." When their father, King Edward IV, died in 1470, the princes were heirs to the throne of England. The eldest, Edward V, was 12 years old. His brother was 9. The princes were moved to the infamous Tower of London by their uncle Richard. Richard claimed he was only trying to protect the boys. Then he took the throne for himself. The princes were never seen again.

Rumors flew, but no one was ever able to prove that Richard III murdered his nephews. Two hundred years later, a pair of little skeletons were discovered buried in a wooden box not far from the White Tower. A witness claimed that the bones had "pieces of rag and velvet about them."

We don't know for certain that the skeletons belonged to the princes. But it's safe to say that the boys never received a proper burial.

Fortunately, karma caught up with Richard III. He held the throne for only two years before he was killed during the Battle of Bosworth Field. (He was the last Plantagenet, in case you were wondering.) For over 500 years, the location of Richard's final resting place was forgotten. Now his bones have finally been discovered--under a parking lot in Leicester.

Somewhere, I imagine two little boys are laughing their butts off.

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