Saturday, June 18, 2011

Interview with the Itzel Library

All I needed was one look at the Itzel Library blog to know that I'd found some kindred spirits. (You'll see what I mean.) So when I was invited to chat with the fabulous, mysterious YEL, I seized the opportunity.

Here's my interview, in both Spanish and English! Thanks, Yel!


Anonymous said...

Is that the picture of the troll campfire in The Hobbit?

Kitty said...

A television series of Eternal Ones and All You Desire!?!? OoO

Isobel said...

Kitty: thats exactly what i thought.
the eternal ones would just be the best TV series ever!!!!!

Pshychidelic Snail said...


simmy98 said...

OMG a TV series!!!! WAY better then a movie!!!

Anonymous said...

A TV SERIES!!! Awesome! I would so watch that!!!

Bye Bank St. Irregular blog I am going off to camp.