Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hello, Mexico!

A couple of days ago, I found out that The Eternal Ones is VERY popular in Mexico. I love it when one of my books receives a warm welcome in another country, but Mexico happens to be one of my favorite places on earth. (Not to mention the country where I saw THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER.) So this time, I'm absolutely thrilled.

Maybe the book's popularity has something to do with the awesome Spanish title . . . Eternos. Who wouldn't want to read a book called Eternos? Or maybe it has something to do with the mysterious videos and newspaper ads that have popped up around the country . . .

Whatever the case, I'm ecstatic. And I hope Eterno's Mexican readers stop by Bank St. Irregular to say hello! And all of you Spanish speakers out there should definitely pay a visit to the Eternos Facebook page. I'm going to be giving away signed copies of the book soon!


Anonymous said...

I love how the cover artist/designer made a corazon (heart) out of the Ouroboros.

Robert in San Diego

Kitty said...

That's awesome!! >w< Congrats!! I kinda wish I knew Spanish better so I can understand the CM ;w;

The 355 said...

Love the Ouroboros The Corazon and the trinity (The three attached triangles) The snake meaning reincarnation The heart meaning loved and the trinity inside the heart to represent enternal life! Love! I dont care if its in spanish I would read it! Oh new contest? sighn me up! I want a book!

Toodles said...

That's really cool! I saw that cover on a couple of weeks ago and thought it looked pretty cool.
And I'm glad to hear that it's doing well all over the world- it's such a good book. I know I've been telling all of my friends about it in Australia (and for now in America as well).
And do you know what the ad on the bottom says? I can't make most of it out.

Katnis said...

Realmente me encantó la entrevista que te realizó YEL! espero poder leer algún libro tuyo. Hasta ahora Kiki strike me ha llamado muchisimo la atencion, como Eternos ^^
Espero que puedan llegar a Argentina pronto! ^^
y me muero de curiosidad por el proyecto en el que esta trabajando! jeje

Katnis said...

OLVIDE decirte llegue al blog por The Itzel Library! para que conste xD jaja

Claudia S. said...

Hi! I'm here thanks to The Itzel Library, where they have an active contest to win Eternos. Well, I'm not from Mexico but I really want to read your book and I hope here in Colombia arrives soon! I just love the sinopsis and the cover, wich is beautiful. So, I really hope that day comes :)

andii* said...

i saw it the first time in The Itzel library :)
and i come here because i saw the link there too xD
i'm from Mexico, and i would really love to read it!!
i read your interview n.n
and yes, i see that many people here is talking about Eternos i love the title!! :D
so... it's on my wishlist! and the same for your other books: Kiki Strike :)
have a nice day! :D

Alice the Elf said...

WHAT DID YOU SEE?!! and that is so exiting, plus i love the cover design. Do people notify you when your book is released in other countrys?

Mrs Brightside said...

Hello Kirsten ^^

I arrived here because of the interview Yel made you at The Itzel Library ^^

The Eternal Ones is a book I really want to read, it looks so interesting ^^ Hope it arrives early to Argentina ^^

Well, bye bye! And good luck ;)

PS: Sorry if I made some mistakes, I'm still studying english ^^'

Undercover Samurai said...

It's so cool that your books are becomming popular around the world! And I love this new cover!

Rocio Garcia Franco said...

I read your interview on the blog The itzel library and loved it! I am very interested in reading eternal sounds amazing and intriguing. And hopefully soon be able to delight us with some of the Maya and Aztec civilizacions, as a Mexican would be delighted!

Pablo Molina said...

I'm also here thanks to the itzel library, i got the chance to read your book last week and i loved it! actually I have a giveaway in my blog giving "eternos", and many people from other countries are waiting to read it! I can't believe that Mexico got this book before Spain, usually they wait to see the response in Spain, they are taking a big chance with this book, and they are getting a good responce!!
can't wait to read the second book ^^

Anonymous said...

Hola la gente de Mexico. Hablo pequeno espanol. Pienso su pais es muy bella. Me encantan los libros de Kirsten Miller. Tiene buen gusto.
Hello people of Mexico. i speak a little Spanish. I think your country is very beautiful. I love the books of Kirsten Miller. You have good taste.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Is the well-read one the interview that has done the blog to you the-itzel-library and has been marvellous. They are called me very much your books the attention! Desire that Eternos come soon to the Argentina because since I have seen it, only I have read good critiques on him:) bye^^ (sorry for my bad inglish)

M said...

Hi! I'm a 15 year old girl from Mexico and you are completely right , The Eternal Ones is really popular over here , I just bought it last Friday because I DID like the name hah (it sounded promising :D ) and the cover is amazing too , the whole design is beautiful.I loved it , I read (more like devoured) the book in 2 days , it's an amazing and unique story that really opens your mind and I must say that it became one of my favorite books , I'm looking forward for the next one .

Congratulations for this wonderful book , you might just have helped me to finally decide that I want to be a writer :)

Anonymous said...

I want to read eternal do bad I have hear so many good reviews of the book that I am daing to read it. Thanks for living my country is beautiful and there's great people. I have a curation, is there a sequel of ETERNOS?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for living my country. I am impatient to read the book I have hear a lot of good reviews. I have a question, is there a sequel to ETERNOS?

Alice the Elf said...

at ronyka7,
Kirsten has written a sequel to the eternal ones, i know it is due to be released this summer in the U.S. and I'm sorry, but I don't know when it will be released in your area.
though i might use a translator for fun.:)
Do you think there's anyone you ever meet again in spite of and against all?
Are you sure that someone in this world is waiting for you?
Have you felt that you live in the wrong place and time?

You are one of us.

*LaKsH* said...

I started reading "Eternos" yesterday and I finished it today, I just couldn´t put it down!!. It was so good to feel so attracted by this story, and if Haven is addicted to Iaian, I declare myself addicted to this book!!!. I can´t wait to read the sequel!! :D!!