Friday, June 3, 2011

Here Are the 5 Finalists & 1 Honorable Mention!

Once again, I was absolutely blown away by your talent and creativity. You guys all deserve to be finalists. And if I had more than 2 ARCs to give away, I would send one to every person who entered. There was not a single entry that wasn't new, different, and eye-catching.

Alas, we can only have five finalists. Choosing them was one of the most difficult tasks I've ever been given. If your cover is not one of the finalists, and you would like me to post it on the blog, just send me a note. Once the blog readers choose two winners, I will be happy to share other entries!

So here's how this works. Look for the poll on the upper right side of this blog, and choose the cover you like best. Feel free to vote for yourself, but please . . . ONE VOTE PER PERSON. And as always, only regular blog readers are allowed to vote. Please do not ask your grandma to vote for you. (Unless she's a reader of the blog!)

You have twenty-four hours to place your vote. VOTING WILL END AT 9:00 AM (NY TIME), JUNE 4th!

The two covers with the most votes will each win an ARC of All You Desire! Good luck to all the finalists!!!

Finalist #1

Why was it chosen? I think it goes without saying. Simply amazing. The detail, the artistry, the colors. I'm awestruck.

Finalist #2

Why was it chosen? I love the simplicity of this cover. The silhouettes communicate everything . . . true love, destiny, and danger. Brilliant.

Finalist #3

Why was it chosen? It's gorgeous for starters, and I love the 1920s-style silhouettes. Two touches I really appreciated . . . the figure spying on the couple and the Snake Goddess on the Greek vase. Very cool.

Finalist #4

Why was it chosen? The colors are arresting, and the design is both simple and lovely. The symbol in the center is another symbol of eternity. (As you recall, I didn't insist that entries use an ouroboros.) I would definitely pick up this book if I saw it in a bookstore.

Finalist #5

Why was it chosen? It seems simple at first glance, but there's so much hidden in this image. Haven's ouroboros armlet. The snakes slithering out of the heart. And I think it really captures how it feels to fall in love, when you're not quite sure if you're floating or sinking. It makes me happy just looking at this cover.

Honorable Mention:

Why did this entry receive an honorable mention? It would have been a finalist, perhaps even a winner. But I'm afraid it's for the wrong book! However, that doesn't make this entry any less brilliant. I would have been thrilled if this had been the cover of The Eternal Ones!


Wiponygirl said...

Number one all the way!

Anonymous said...

To whomever did # 2- Very Romantic!!!!!

katy in wonderland said...

Me gusta number one, but all of them are amazing. I can tell how much work everyone put into theirs. If only my stupid surgery hadn't prevented my from entering....

montana irregulars said...

Number 3!!! I love it

Toodles*** said...

Those are all amazing, guys. And I'm sure everyone else's was too.

My vote has to be for number 2. Simple and eye-catching.

Good luck everyone!!!

Pshychidelic Snail said...

Number three!!

Isobel said...

i love number 1. it is absolutely amazing.

Madeleine Emily Kokiri said...

Hey everybody, I'm the artist(?) of Finalist #1 and I'm very honored to have made the top 5 and receive your votes.

This piece of mine was done entirely freehand and natural; sharpie pens, sharpies, and colored pencils, no photoshop or computer editing (hence the obvious mistakes here and there.. ^^;;)

Thank you very much for your support! :)

Poison said...

I drew #3, but voted for #2. I gotta say It was the most modest looking but also the most brilliant.

Chloe said...

Hello Everyone!
I'm am Finalist #2. Thank you all who voted! I'm not sure if you can se in the picture, but the "Desire" part of the title is supposed to look like a ribbon. I drew basically everything free-hand.
The finalists and the honorable mention all look Amazing!

The 355 said...

it be a tie! Good job everyone! They all look amazing! It was a fun experience even if I didn't place still it was wonderful and I loved them all! Way to go all of you!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! All of them are so beautiful! You guys are amazing.

Anonymous said...

numba 3 3 3!!!! all the way :)

Kitty said...

I loved every one of them, but #3 is >w<!!! Too bad I checked the blog late, but congrats to everyone!! X3 Good luck!

But my history teacher says that luck is for rabbits, and they get their feet chopped off and hung on key chains XD So good competing!

Anonymous said...

i love #2 i think it looks like the way an adventure looks before it begins

Anonymous said...

i love number 2 it looks like the start of an adventure (to bad im not 13 cause i could read that book!!!!) ps. kirsten,could you write about what kiki is doing??