Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Here's my count of the top 5:

Entry #4: 7

Entry #6: 5

Entry #14: 4 (There were two identical anonymous votes that came in within a minute of each other. This almost always means that someone's comment has been accidentally posted twice.)

Entry #15: 4

Entry #7: 4

PS: I really wish I could give books to ALL CONTESTANTS. But even if I were to give copies to the top five, that would mean I wouldn't have books left for any more contests! I had to beg (OK, ask nicely) for the last few I got!


Anonymous said...

so that means you're still only doing the top two? awwwwww.....

Julia said...

I think she wanted to a 3rd place, but there are 3 third places, and one may not be Third place, which I guess is the controversy.

Anonymous said...

Would it be at all possible to get any more? If you want I can send an angry letter to your publisher... ;) I was one of the 3rd place finishers and you promised me copy some months ago. But wait- does that mean you only have 3 more copies?

Anonymous said...

Could this contest's third place winners get a bit of priority next contest?

Kirsten Miller said...

Anonymous (I don't know how many of these comments came from the same person):

I cannot give books to everyone who enters a contest. I simply do not have enough books--and it defeats the purpose of having a contest in the first place. If you would prefer that I not have any more contests, I can certainly honor that request.

If I "promised you a copy months ago" then all you have to do is remind me with an email.

Julia said...

And, also, it doesn't really work to give everyone a free book, because then no one will buy it, and then she might not be able to write another Kiki Strike.

Ali said...

Meh. I'm already over losing.
*in excited voice*
When's the next contest?!