Tuesday, December 11, 2012

And We Have a Winner . . .

This one was super close. Congrats to the artist responsible for entry #4, which by my count is the winner.

An ARC will also go to the artist responsible for entry #6, which took second place.

(Both of you, please send your addresses to kikistrike@gmail.com. And make sure your parents approve!)

As for those of you who did not make the top two, there is absolutely NO CAUSE for tears! There will be more contests in the weeks to come. In fact, I will be sure to post another contest early next week for anyone out there who's desperate to get a book in time for Christmas.

(Unfortunately, it's probably too late for Hanukkah. But HAPPY HANUKKAH, everyone!)


Anonymous said...

I tallied the vote myself because I am obsessive, and I believe #14 tied with #6 for second.

Amy said...

There's no third or fourth place this time? Anyway, congrats to the winners! :)

Ali said...

Speechless with happiness and relief and a feeling of total failure as an artist.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm- I counted at 5:45ish, your time, and got six votes for 4, five votes for 14, and four each for 6 and 7.

Cleo Li-Schwartz said...

You're not too late! It's the 4th night right now.

Anonymous said...

How about the top 3? Or 4? Please? ;)

Ali said...

Kirsten, what did I place?

Adzs Hirano said...

Congrats guys! All the entries were amazing though. :)

Anonymous said...

by my count,
14:5 (although it may be 4-- one comment looks like it got posted twice, but it could be a computer error or the repeat of a simple comment)

How is it that 6 gets second when 14 may have more, and 7 has just as many?

Anonymous said...

Why not get in the Hannukah spirit and give all participants a prize?

Anonymous said...

Hanukkah goes eight days, starting from the 9th of December. Kwanzaa begins on Boxing Day (26th of December). I'm miffed about not getting an ARC, but I'll keep occupied -- I just picked up six books and a DVD from the library. The weirdest of the books may be the one about U.S. Civil War military cookery -- it has recipies!

Robert in San Diego, got a lot of stuff to read....

Julia said...

@Ms. Miller- I sent you an email with my address. (I made #4)

@Robert- That sounds interesting!

Anonymous said...

Hello. Artist responsible for entry #6 here.

I don't want to receive an ARC unfairly. I have tallied the results about five times, and each time I get:

#4: six votes
#6: five votes
#14: five votes
#7: four votes

The fifth vote for my entry may have been overlooked, as it came in 10 minutes before the voting period ended. However, it appears that #14 tied with me for second and should also receive an ARC. If this isn't possible, I shouldn't receive an ARC.

sillygirl711 said...

You're not too late for Hanukah! Thank you:)

Kirsten Miller said...

Anonymous Artist Responsible for Entry #6: Please see my tally of the votes. (And explanation for why one of the votes for #14 was an accidental duplication.) You took second place fair and square. Your comment, while honorable, is completely unnecessary.