Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Penguins Need Sweaters!

Attention all knitters, (and I know there are quite a few of you out there), the penguins of New Zealand need sweaters! Seriously! A recent oil spill has left many of them in terrible danger. Sweaters will not only keep the little birds warm until they've recovered enough to be properly cleaned, it will also keep them from consuming the oil that's coating their feathers. (Which would make them even sicker!)

Here's how to knit a penguin sweater. And here's more information, including what to do with the sweaters when you're done!


Nellie said...

My reactions:
1) The penguins need *sweaters*? Yeah right.
2) Aww, the penguin's cute!
3) Wow, poor penguins! Now I can see why they need sweaters.
4) Penguin sweaters!
5) New Zealand penguins??

I don't knit, but if I did I'd probably make a sweater or two. :-)

Anonymous said...

Knitters to the rescue! I've been wondering what to do with myself on my day off here. Thanks!

EQ said...

How about crochet?

Isobel said...

they are so cute in their little sweaters!!!
i will definitely be knitting one. :D

Anonymous said...

Penguins forced to wear sweaters? How krewl people can be to wildlife! The Mexican Hairless (dog breed) down the street wears sweaters on his walks on cooler days. Both of his owners knit, so if "Mommy" is walking him, it'll probably be a pink or pastel sweater, if his "Daddy" is walking him, it'll probably be a camouflage pattern.

Robert in San Diego

The 355 said...

D: *throws down half knitted tardis scarf and begins sweater*

Kitty said...

THAT IS ADORABLE...!!!!!!!!!!