Thursday, May 12, 2011

More News from the Animal Kingdom

The horror! Apparently there's an insect in Sweden that masquerades as a bee and shoots larvae into people's eyes! This article gives you the very disgusting scoop.

Can you identify Dimples, the Rochester mystery beast? Kind of cute.

Soon, you may be able to talk with dolphins using an underwater translation device! What secrets will they share with mankind?

Why didn't anyone ever teach ME how to mummify a chicken? (The man being interviewed sounds like a pretty amazing guy.)


Anonymous said...

I'll let you know when they find more evidence for the Lake Hodges Monster ("Hodgee").

Robert in San Diego

Kitty said...

Dimples looks kinda like a fur-less capybara... ;w;

Pshychidelic Snail said...

That's so cool! In sixth grade art class we mummified a chicken, and even created a tomb for it. We also mummified it's kidney, gizzard, and heart. It was awesome.

Toodles*** said...

yay i can comment on this now :)

all of those were so uber awesome!!!

and you lucky snail Pshcyidelic Snail. I wish I could mummify a chicken!

Anonymous said...

I'll pit The Lake Hodges Monster ("Hodgee") against the Rochester animal thing any day. If I could ever FIND Hodgee. I think she moved downstream, myself.

Robert in San Diego

brave chickens said...

Chickens are for cuddling (and ok... eating) but not mummifying. :O

Anonymous said...

Haha! In sixth grade social studies we mumified a chicken during our ancient Egyptian unit. Chickie-Tut, we called him. That was a good year.