Monday, September 9, 2013

How About a Nice Cold Glass of Blood Worms?

This little item was in the news a while back. But it's still as disgusting as the day it came out. Seems blood worms have invaded the water supply in Colcord, Oklahoma. (Okay, technically they're the larvae of the midge fly, if that makes you feel any better.)  And they're almost impossible to kill.

As the town water commissioner noted, "You can take the worms out of the filter system and put them in a straight cup of bleach and leave them in there for about four hours, and they still won't die."

If any of you have friends or family in Colcord, I'd love a little update on the situation. News reports suggest that the townsfolk are living on bottled water. But here's my question: When your water supply is infested with blood worms, what's better--showers or baths?


Anonymous said...

-- Thomas Pynchon, from The Crying of Lot 49

The field expedient "we've got blood worms in the water" cleaning method of choice for me is to use baby wipes instead of bathing or showering.

Robert in San Diego

Pickles Picasso said...

I have a solution for this problem, but I'll involve time, hard work, 10,000 industrial sized buckets, and three-thousand hungry axolotls. (Mexican water lizards)


Tesha'e Keller said...

it would be kind of weird to wake up one morning and go take a shower. Then, when your just about to doze off, a red worms jumps from the shower faucet. CREEPY!! Just stick with baby wipes for a while...