Sunday, September 1, 2013

Crawling Out From Under My Rock

Where have I been? Here. There. The grocery store. Ha. I'm saving my adventures for this fall. (Yes, I have a few planned. Yes, I will write all about them when the time comes.)

Unfortunately, this summer has been work, work, and more work. I'm actually quite proud of the all things I've accomplished in the past three months. Three big projects are nearing completion. Stories have been told. Butts have been kicked. Lessons have been learned. Blog posts have not been written. Sorry about that.

I stayed away from the blog world this summer for a few very good reasons. First, the amount of spam I receive has gotten quite overwhelming. (It seems I win the lottery on a daily basis.) For this reason, please don't include a URL when you comment on a post. I see URLs and my brain automatically thinks "spam." If you want to send me a link, it's best to send it to

Second, I stayed away from the blog because I was angry. Really, really murderously angry about what happened to my last book, How to Lead a Life of Crime. I know this has nothing to do with you guys. But I felt it was best if I resisted the urge to vent here. Bank St. Irregular is supposed to be fun and wacky and weird. Not potentially homicidal.

(One big piece of good news. How to Lead a Life of Crime may end up being more than a book. Keep your fingers crossed!)

Third, I had way too much work. And writing a blog takes a lot of energy. I still have a lot to do, but I'll try to pop in every once in a while. I've got a few things I'd like to share. Hopefully, a few of you are still around to hear about them!

Back to you soon.



Rebecca said...

Glad to hear from you!Fingers are crossed!

Kat said...

What happened to your book?

Pickles Picasso said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Now I have to brush up on my essay writing. The last "creative" writing I've done have been suggestions for panel discussions at a local science fiction convention. Even a dreaded five paragraph essay with mandatory introductory and concluding paragraphs would stretch me out a bit more.

Robert in San Diego, where I've found tedious writing goes better with fountain pens.

Daisy Bell said...

I've always wished Kiki strike would become more than a book! I remember taking about it with a friend when I was younger. she said they should make a movie and I should play Kiki while she played ananka :P

42 said...

It's great to hear that you're back, and with work done, too! Quite an accomplishment you have there.

Some advice though: even if you don't use the blog to rant, get all that negativeness out somehow. Don't keep in corked in like a bubbling vat of hot oil. Writing angry letters to the perps. Make one of those "dart-board-with-the-pictures" things. Burn down the editors' building. (Ok, not the last one.) Take your time to work through this, but don't dwell on it. The past can't be undone now, and fuming about it will only keep you from us longer!

With much love,

42 said...

OH, and if you're still recuperating from the summer and it's various events, I TOTALLY recommend you check out this podcast:

It's called Welcome to Nightvale and it's the best! It's kind of like an old radio story set in the fictional town of Night Vale, which is full of the strange, eerie, and totally inexplicable. And citizens who treat these goings ons with total casualty. It's a really good listen and it seems like something you might enjoy! :)

Solveig said...

So glad you are back :D hope you`ll post more from now on, your blog is the best.

Kirsten Miller said...

42: Downloaded! I can't wait to listen. It sounds amazing.

Pickles Picasso said...

@Robert: Fountain pens make everything better, don't they?

@42: Nightvale. Is. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *does happy dance*

Anonymous said...

Dear Pickles Picasso:

Fountain pens make ALMOST everything better. They don't make airplane travel better (squirt!). I just hope Kirsten doesn't think a little "product placement" makes a post that horrid, irredeemably lame "SPAM."

Robert in San Diego, who later today will be writing with a Sheaffer calligraphy pen loaded with Parker Washable Blue ink.

42 said...

Kirsten: Hooray! You'll have to tell us what you think about it! :)

Pickles: So. True.

Anonymous said...

i totally agree: i´m so glad you´re back
fingers are crossed too ;D

Rachel said...

So glad to hear back from you!!! This is awesome! I can't wait! Please keep us upadated!

ally (preciously toodles*** when i was nine okay) said...

hello darlings. i'm afraid this comment may be a bit long, but that's alright, because i'm not quite sure why, but i feel the need to get this all out. i just wanted to say, that kirsten, i first read kiki strike when i was about nine years old, and i loved it. i became lost in the world of the irregulars, and i would check your kiki strike blogspot before i even knew what a blog was. a couple years later, after the first two strike books were in priority on my bookshelf, with broken spines and filled with dog-earred pages and stains from all sorts of things, i moved countries, and continued my love of your books. when i was 12, the eternal ones came out, and i actually got an advanced copy, and i loved it so. you and your writing intrigued me, and i was entranced. and i'm not quite sure what happened, but somewhere over the next year i lost touch with you and your books. it wasn't a lost interest or liking, i just unknowingly distanced myself from the kirsten miller world. but two months ago, i was spending a visit back in my small american home town, where i spent most of my youth. i was walking around my old neighborhood, when i stopped in front of my favourite book store, the small, odd store next to ben franklin's that always smelled like tea, and it was gone. i stood in the parking lot for about five minutes, feeling like i was about to cry, because i remembered that that was where i had discovered the woman that was my favourite author ((and person in general)) for years. then i turned around, and ran three blocks down the road to the library, and rushed to the m section, where i picked up a battered copy of kiki strike, and almost cried again when i saw what else was there. the darkness dwellers, all you desire- books my twelve year old mine had been looking forward to more than anything else. and how to lead a life of crime- i realised that that must have been your top secret project, and all your old blog posts came rushing back to me. i scooped up all your books, and spent the next week carrying them everywhere, reading and rereading and reading again. and falling in love, becoming lost, and wondering again. wondering why i stopped checking this website, and keeping tabs on you. wondering why i ever stopped reading your books, although i didn't realise i even had.
so kirsten, i just thought i owe it to you to let you know, i'm just as confounded, mystified, and in love with you, your books, and your writing as i was when i first came across this world when i was nine. i'm now fifteen. i'm sorry i ever lost touch, so where have i been? i'm not quite sure. changing. being happy, being sad. and still being lost in your world. or being lost in this world, and found in yours. whatever works. and i'm so glad i'm back at the same time as you, because i am back now. so sorry, not quite sure why i wrote this, but i felt the need to.
-previously toodles*** .
however, i'm not quite sure as to why my nine year old mind chose such a screen name, so how about for now i'll just be me. so. there we are.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Pickles Picasso:

I'm in a fountain pen dilemma here. How would you indicate italic characters if you're already using a calligraphy fountain pen and writing in an italic style?

Robert in San Diego, taking notes on a poem by Margaret Atwood.

Tesha'e Keller said...

Oh yeah your back! I've missed your writing this whole summer. I haven't read "how to lead a life of crime" and I'm kind of suspicious about why u were mad about it, but guess I have to read it and then ask you about it!

Anonymous said...

You should have posted on your blog that you were taking the summer off. We all thought you were dead! I'm glad you're not, and congrats on the essay! :)

Pickles Picasso said...

Robert and the Pen Problemo:

I suppose you'll just have to lean your hand and the pen to the side, much more than usually. I guess or depends what you're trying to write. If it's a title, obviously use quotations, but for an emphasis....I guess my advice above stands. Or just go get a regular pen. Or, OOH I KNOW!!!! Use a different color to indicate italics, if possible.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pickles Picasso:

DOH! A different color of pen. Yeah, I rarely pack just one fountain pen if I'm carrying any at all.


Robert in San Diego

SPIRIT said...

Finished the Darkness Dwellers. Really Awesome book,, I can't wait for more Kiki Strike adventures!