Sunday, November 25, 2012

This Week's Winner Is . . .

My old buddy, EQ! Nice to see you back!

This was a really tough one, guys. Your ideas were all amazing. Moscow, Cairo, Portland . . . I'd love to set a book in any of these places!

But I'm afraid EQ had me at the word "kraken." And I have yet to weave my fascination with cryptids into a book. (Though I did just publish an essay arguing for the existence of Bigfoot.) Plus, nothing is cooler than a kelp forest. The Irregulars have already spent a lot of time underground. Perhaps their next adventure should be underwater.

Congrats, EQ. And to the rest of you . . . don't give up! This has been so great that I'm going to demand (OK, beg) that my publisher send me more books to give away!


Cleo Li-Schwartz said...

Please beg your publisher, please. Also, do you know when reviewers can get ARCs for the book? Now?

Pickles Picasso said...

Aww. Oh well. Maybe next time.

I have a suggestion for one of the future ARC giveaways. Maybe you could do a photo contest, where we try to find "irregular" things that have a tie-in connection with the books.

Anonymous said...

I think you should keep on picking two winners. And I do like the idea of a photo contest, although it would have to be via email. You could also do a short story contest (I personally wouldn't like that, but it would be interesting for all of us to read them.

Anonymous said...

Please please more giveaways!

Pickles Picasso said...

Yeah. Well, it would probably be better via email, so there are no copycats or anything.

I would like a short story, but I don't really have the time, with homework and all.

I have a good irregular pic I made. I think I'm going to email it to Ms. Miller.