Monday, August 13, 2012

Who Wants a Copy of The Darkness Dwellers?

That's right. I have five copies sitting right in front of me. One of them could be YOURS. All you have to do is answer the following ten questions correctly . . .

1. What do Iris McLeod's parents do for a living?
2. Who is Herbert Hubert Snodgrass* and what did he invent?
3. What does Howard Van Dyke call his chicken?
4. Where is the Borland Academy located?
5. What is Kaspar's real name?
6. Who's the ghost in Lester Liu's mansion?
7. Would you willingly eat escargot?
8. Do you consider yourself dangerous?
9. Do you have a secret skill? If so, please share.
10. Which Irregular would be the most fun at a slumber party?

Send your answers to (For heaven's sake, don't post them here!) I'll announce the winner at 8PM New York time.

I can afford postage to the US or Canada. *Man, you guys are good!


Anonymous said...

Wait, do you mean Hubert Snodgrass??

Holy Lucy batman! said...

What about the girls you promised copies to at the Austin book fair?

Anonymous said...

Good luck everybody!

Anonymous said...

Australia? :(

Anonymous said...

am i the only one that's dying to know what the front cover looks like?