Friday, August 17, 2012

No, SERIOUSLY. Check Out the Entries!

There's some crazy talent out there. This may have been one of my better ideas. THIS LINK should work!


Jasmine said...

wow, the entries are amazing!! i really want to read this book!!!!!!!

ALi said...

I just discovered this blog. I love your books so much! My blog is and I would be SO EXCITED if you followed it. I posted a book report on the two books in the series that are published (both of which I own and have read at least twice). I also put a quiz, who are you most like in the Kiki Strike series, and I hope it's accurate. :3
I hope you don't mind the quiz thing. :33
A weird thing is that before I even read the Kiki Strike books these are some names I've used in my own stories (I'm practicing for when I'm an author)
-DeeDee (spelled that way exactly)
It's kind of freaking me out. And then I used the name Oona later, in honor of your books,

ALi said...

Wow! I love your books, as you might see if you take a close look at my blog. (Scroll down. Look to the left.) and of course there's the quiz...heheheh :3
I would be SUPER EXCITED if you followed my blog!

ALi said...

Sorry I said practically the same thing twice there that was a mistake it's hard to do. This on the ipad