Sunday, April 1, 2012

You Are What You Eat

No, I was not the victim of a fatal window-washing accident, but I do appreciate all of the notes I received over the past three weeks. (Most of them went a little like this . . . "If you're dead, will The Darkness Dwellers still be published?") And I just want to assure you all . . . Kiki #3 will be published whether I kick the bucket or not.

I had to take a little time off from blogging/adventure in order to finish a project. Now that I'm done, I plan to resume my daredevil lifestyle. I've already signed up for a class on constructing "Anthropomorphic Insect Shadowboxes." (How cool is that?) I'm also going to spend a weekend throwing seed bombs around my hood. And I still need to have that seance I've been planning. (My ghost showed up again the other day. More on that later . . .)

But first I wanted to call your attention to the subject of pink slime. (Seen above, in all its glory.) It's made by "grinding together connective tissue and beef scraps normally destined for dog food." The mixture is then treated with ammonia hydroxide (usually used for cleaning floors) and blended into hamburger patties.

McDonald's, Taco Bell, and Burger King have already announced that they will no longer be adding the gunk to their food. But don't worry, pink slime fanatics! You won't have to go without your favorite meat-like treat! You see, there's one organization that still purchases the product. The US Government. What does the government do with the tons and tons of delicious pink slime it buys every year? Two words . . . school lunch.

More here.


Anonymous said...

That slime is WAY scarier than any ghost. And I've been eating it since first grade!! Ahhh!

Anonymous said...

YAY! You're alive!

Cabrell said...

I have been emailing the petition from Credo Watch to all my friends. I mean really?! That's just plain disgusting. I tell everyone in the school lunch line about it.

Patsee said...

Good to hear.

I had a minor freak out moment when I realized Empress' Tomb came out in TWO THOUSAND SEVEN.

I was younger than Ananka &co when I read Kiki 1 & 2. I've been waiting patiently for #3 to come out. ;]

Mitsuki said...

Glad to see you're back! It's not the same without some of your weird, strange news to make us break out in cold sweat, or scratch our heads in open bewilderment C:

How was your April 1st? I shudder to think that you spent the day like us provincial, uninspired regulars :D

!!!!!!! I have some WONDERFUL STRANGE NEWS FOR YOU. (Sorry for the CAPSLOCK, but I just remembered I found this, teehee ^///^) Have you heard of the "Real Life Chinese Superhero"??? (She reminds me of you :D) Here's the link:

There was some other interesting stories, as well. The robotic jellyfish and scientific efforts to clone a woolly mammoth, to name a few.

Well, I'm looking forward to your next update! C:

Anonymous said...

Glad that your back to blogging. Pink slime is disgusting. I am also glad that your alive!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mitsuki:

How was your April Fools Day? I spent mine guarding the "parking lot" for the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition's "Strategic Planning Meeting." If your April Fools weekend was any more boring than spending it all doing brainstorming with a bunch of bike advocates.... Actually, I'm not sure much could be more boring. Even our facilitator's guide dog thought so: S/He wasn't just parked under a side table, but withdrew all the way so as to get in some serious nap time.

On the other hand, some of these people are really exciting, like the skinny retired nuclear engineer who rode in from Oceanside (about 120 miles round trip) -- and who used to hold the speed record for riding across the country.

I did have fun thinking of slogans, like SDCBC -- We Get Around.

Robert in San Diego, who will be riding his bike to and from work today, but at least the cafeteria doesn't serve "pink slime."

Anonymous said...

Dear Kirsten:

Don't scare us like that -- I was actually Google-searching for "Young Adult writer" and "window washing accident."

Did anyone get any pranks or jokes going on April Fools?

Robert in San Diego