Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cornered: 15 Stories of Bullying and Defiance **GIVEAWAY**

Last year, I was asked to contribute a short story to the book shown above. Cornered: 15 Stories of Bullying and Defiance (edited by Rhoda Belleza) will be published this July, and it features the work of fifteen talented YA authors.

I am extremely proud to be one of the fifteen. I learned a great deal about bullying during my freshman year of high school. I know how it feels to be teased, threatened and tormented. I also know there are kids out there who’ve experienced far worse than I ever did. I survived, and I honestly believe that the experience made me stronger. But I would never, ever wish it on anyone else.

My story, “Nemesis,” isn’t about a victim. It’s about defiance—and revenge. There’s absolutely no shame in finding yourself the target of a bully—most people will at some point in their lives. The people who should feel ashamed are those who once tortured their schoolmates for sport. The heroine of “Nemesis” believes she’s found a way to see justice done. She won’t allow the bullies of the world to ever forget their crimes.

I have an ARC of Cornered to give away. (I'll even sign it if you like.) If you (or someone you know) could use a book like this, just send a note to (I'll update the post when the book has been given away.) **GIVEN AWAY! MORE GIVEAWAYS SOON**


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the desolute wasteland of crushed self esteem that was middle school.
However, since starting high school the bullying has ceased (we're barely awake enough to function, let alone torment) and now I can start learning to feel good about myself, chubbiness and all. :)
I'm glad you're writing about this. And to all those being bullied, there's hope!!! :)

Mitsuki said...

Nemesis, huh? Sounds interesting! I'll have to buy the book when it comes out!

I'm tickled pink that you chose that particular name, considering it's Greek roots. (I'm a Percy Jackson fan as well, and I like to keep myself entertained by reading Greek mythology :D)

Now I really want to read the book... At least it's only three months, and now I have something to look forward to in July! :D

Ah! Why does it say "14" on the image of the book cover? lol...

Anonymous said...

what should i say in my e-mail to

Anonymous said...

I hope you get my email. Jessi could really use this book.