Sunday, August 7, 2011

All You Desire is Out This Week!

Hi there! Another quick update on All You Desire, which has been chosen as the latest "Summer Beach Read" by Seventeen Magazine!

And here are links to a couple of reviews:

The Book Mermaid

I Like These Books

My Bookish Fairy Tale

And readers in Mexico should visit The Itzel Library for news about Eternos giveaways and a virtual tour of All You Desire!

There will be more to come this week! (And if there are any bloggers out there who'd like me to link to their reviews, please send me a note!)


Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! Can't wait to get it!! Glad you posted. I will try to get it as soon as possible either library or book store. So stocked!

How is ghost hunting?

Anonymous said...

Im So Exsided!!!!! Im Counting Down The Days!
Will There Be Other Book After AYD?

Aww I Wish You Would Have Posted A Lil Clip Of AYD:C

Cannot Wait!!!

Britta said...

Thanks for the link :)

Pshychidelic Snail said...

YAY! So exciting! Congrats on the Seventeen pick!

Jin Ai said...

YES congratulations, Kirsten! (wow, 17 magazine...) I am a fan of the cover.

Chloe said...

AAAH! All You Desire released today!!! MUST. GET. BOOK. *Runs to Bookstore* heeheehee! XD

Lenni said...

I'm so ridiculously excited to read it! Congrats on another release and the 17 magazine pick:)

Please somebody tell me this one will be coming out in Australia!
If not I will just be forced to order it online haha :)

andy said...

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