Friday, February 8, 2008

Cloud City

A recent design competition asked architects and city planners to develop housing that could shelter New Yorkers in the wake of a natural disaster. (Why is it ALWAYS New York that gets destroyed? WHY?)

The architects at Studio Lindfors devised a wonderful solution--blimp houses. But why wait for a disaster? Sign me up for one of those now! (Though I'm not sure how you're supposed to get in or out.)

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Lilly said...

Wow! i want to live in a blimp

International Mastermind said...

It isn't New York always getting destroyed, it's New York always getting the protection!
That would be an interesting premesis for a book.
"No, I have never touched the ground before. I have lived in this blimp..."

Sahara said...

I'm going to be the first one on those things!!

Kitty said...

I REALLY wanna live in one. That'll be cool. :D

Patsee said...

I'd rather live underground, in all honesty. But it is pretty cool.

Is it even possible for NYC to get hit by a hurricane?

Thumb Biter said...

Haha. And why do people always describe what would happen to Lower Manhattan if the icecaps melted? Why not New Jersey?? :(
But that's really cool. I want one! (Hopefully they won't all float off into space while people are in them...)
I'm not sure which I would pick, living underground, or above it.
Probably under, because it's safer, haha.

Spring said...

How do you get your food???

creativeartist said...

its because every one knows about that stuff

hobbes said...

but what would happen to the people living inside the blimps? wouldn't they get destroyed or damaged?