Saturday, November 16, 2013

Urban Wraiths

One of the best things about New York City is its subway art. Believe it or not, the works officially commissioned by the city are every bit as exciting as the "underground" stuff. (Scroll down a few posts for that.) In fact, imagining my NYC tax dollars going to fund subway art helps me get through April 15th every year.

I haven't seen all of it. Few people have the time for that kind of tour. But recently, I came across a photo of a work that I may make an effort to see in person. It's called Flatbush Floogies (see above) and it's the creation of a New York artist named Muriel Castanis.

I despise the word "Floogies" (the horror!), but I love a good wraith, so I did a quick search for more of Castanis's work. I was not disappointed. Her ghostly statues can be found in cities around the country--and they're always in interesting spots.

For instance, twelve of Castanis's wraiths atop a building at 580 California Street in San Francisco stand watch over city's financial district.

And one particularly creepy lady directs traffic on a busy highway in Portland.

Art like this makes me wish I were super wealthy. I'd love to put a few wraiths out in front of my Brooklyn brownstone--and record the reactions of passersby.  


Rebecca said...

That is fantastic. I've been recently introduced to them through Once Upon A Time, fascinating!

Anonymous said...

The great Modern and Brutalist buildings of our time need a little more ornament -- the patterns of the wood used to form the concrete molds doesn't cut it, and one stodgy six story slab of a structure with scary lab equipment from my college was supposedly formed out of slightly pink concrete just to give it some "warmth." Right.

Bring back GARGOYLES, a little molded whimsy here or there, or something. And, as a general rule, I detest "modern eclectic" for domestic architecture.

Robert in San Diego

Anonymous said...

Don't blink.