Thursday, May 17, 2012

Adventure #8: Seed Bombing the Hood

(Above: Roof garden by Alive Structures)

I live in a beautiful neighborhood that's sprinkled with countless little patches of ugliness. There are tiny sidewalk "gardens" that have been allowed to go to seed--and a few vacant lots filled with weeds and trash.

I've been waiting for the right weather to set out on Adventure #8. The next few days look pretty ideal. Saturday and Sunday will be sunny and warm. The following Monday's gonna be nice and rainy. So at some point this weekend, I'm going to seed bomb my neighborhood.

Not familiar with seed bombs? They're jawbreaker-size balls of mud and clay with wildflower seeds mixed in. You toss them wherever you'd like to plant a little bit of beauty. A touch of rain and a few sunny days, and Brooklyn's going to be lovelier than ever.

Want to join me? (In spirit, of course.) You can find instructions for making seed bombs here and here!


Anonymous said...

I love seed bombs! me and my friend did them awgile ago:)

brave chickens said...

I read the first paragraph and immediately thought of seed bombs!
Btw I haven't been on this blog in AGES. I've got a lot of catching up to do :D

Anonymous said...

This looks really fun! I am going to join you!!!

Ju L said...

That's awesome, it's always good to make the world more beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

Is there going to be a third Kiki Strike book? If there is, when is its release date? I hope so! I really really enjoyed the two first ones, probably the best books I ever read!:D

Sam said...

Wonderful post!

I love seed bombs too and can't say enough about how useful I find them in my own backyard.

They make sowing SO much easier, especially for seniors or long sighted people like me, who have a hard time with seeds and have to be very careful with sowing them.

I was looking for them online and was a bit disappointed that most seed bombs are available as a wild flower variety.

Finally, I found this wonderful site:


They specialize in custom making seed bombs from specific varieties only. I ordered their Rudbeckia seed bombs and they started sprouting in a couple of days!!

I look forward to some carefree sowing and gardening and plan to order more!!

Hope this helps others get their early starts early!


TheSadWriter said...


By any chance are you going to be at the Book Expo on June 7th?

Anonymous said...

are you alive? just joking!
Please post again

Anonymous said...

The third book is called Darkness Dwellers and Kirsten said that it would be released in Fall 2012

Anonymous said...

When are you going to blog next? It's June 16th and been almost a month!

Anonymous said...

correction anonymous next kiki book is coming in EARLY 2013
that is way too long