Sunday, September 2, 2007

Transforming the Everyday

Artist Tara Donovan takes everyday items and turns them into magical works of art--some large enough to fill an entire room. Below are sculptures made from plastic cups, buttons, and paper plates.

See more pictures of her work here.


Anonymous said...

SO, these are quite cool looking, BUT,yes there's a but, what the heck is the 1st one? I can't 4 the life of me figure it out!
signed, kiki strike obsessive

Alexxis said...

i think it's a big fluffy cloud

Anonymous said...

Hey, you r probably right, alexxis, whoever u r. BUT, what about the last one? Or the second one 4 that matter? L8r,g8r
signed kiki strike obsessive

ananka said...

It's made out of plastic cups. The second one is made entirely out of buttons. They're supposed to look as if they might have been made by nature, so a "big fluffy cloud" isn't a bad guess.

LittleChar said...

much love,
the self described art-freak :)